Modern Quilt Guild Meeting ….


A couple of month ago we’ve decided to start a Modern Quilt Guild in Boardman, Ohio.

It’s intended to be an informal group where everyone is involved in providing the program’s/ topics for the evening.

Last night we asked everyone to bring a quilt top to the meeting to discuss different options and ideas for machine quilting.

It was interesting to see the different styles of tops and to hear all the creative ideas that members had to offer.

Fun night!


Where to Start….

Beginnings are difficult….
I’ve decided to start a blog to keep a record of sorts for myself about the projects I’m doing, the quilts I’m making for myself  and quilting for others.

I’d like to share the posts with you, in case you would like to follow me in my journey.

I follow several blogs and find them inspiring and motivating.

I’m in awe at the creativity and talent that can be found in the quilting world.

It’s exciting that the art of quilt making is constantly evolving, the choices of what you can make , what mediums you can work in , anything goes….

Social media and the  internet are great outlets to share your work and connect with other quilters and I’m looking forward to share some of what I’m doing with you.